Hot wine period @ Crazy Duck Bucharest Hostel

Hot wine period @ Crazy Duck Bucharest Hostel

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So, what about Crazy Duck Bucharest Hostel ?

Christmas time is coming ! Do you recognize this drink ?

Yes, every winter we love to have a cup of hot wine from time to time. You may say that this is a German or Austrian habit and we agree !
But it is good and welove it !

This is the reason why at Crazy Duck Bucharest Hostel we welcome our tourists with a glass of hot red wine. If you prefer something stronger a Romanian traditional shot of tuica is available for you…
After this we are really sure that Bucharest will be for you the most beautiful city in the entire world :)
So, come 2 Crazy Duck Hostel Bucharest and enjoy the Romanian hospitality ! We’ll give you also a lot of information about the town, interesting places, tours & excursions and great parties. During December Bucharest is a great city to visit!

If you come during New Year period you will find right in the middle of a big party. Romanians knows how to party during New Year Eve – in most of the big squares in Bucharest you can have a really great time !

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