Safe bookings @ Crazy Duck Hostel Bucharest

Safe bookings @ Crazy Duck Hostel Bucharest

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Here at Crazy Duck Hostel Bucharest we care a lot about your bookings. We got many questions before – is my booking safe or shall I find my room ready for me when I’ll come? The answer is YES!

The “old school” reception system was to keep the bookings on paper. But what can you do now when from different booking platforms can come in the same moment different reservations? How to be sure that you will not do a overbooking?

The answer is pretty simple but still are hostels in Bucharest or different other cities who don’t understand this. Its computer time, so you must use your computer! Using a PMS (a property management system) can help you a lot. Connected with a good channel manager the computer from reception desk will “see” all bookings from different platforms and keep them up to date.
At Crazy Duck Hostel Bucharest we use loventis property management system connected with myallocator so once more your reservation is safe.

We keep in touch with our tourists and ask them for every enquiry or modification to send us a e-mail and will get a quick answer. On airbnb.com is stated clearly – our respond rate is under 1 hour during daytime.
So let us know your expectations at hostelcrazyduck@gmail.com and we will take good care about your holiday in Romania.

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